The most important question is “textile” or “non-textile”.
The textile flooring is, when it is well impregnated, a very hard-duty floor. It is warm, soft, non-slip, sound-absorbing and provides a cosy atmosphere. Due to its various applications and easy laying it is one of the most favoured floorings internationally.

Elastic floorings such as hard surfaces and mineral soil are called non-textile floorings. Due to its even surface they are very easy to clean and very durable. Some important features are: suitability for underfloor heating and chair castors

The wide range of floorings at SELBERHERR certainly meets all your requirements! Please get a good impression about that in our showroom.

in one view

  • homogeneous flooring: PVC, linoleum, natural rubber (caoutchouc)
  • textile floorings: needle felt, velour and loop-pile carpet
  • easy to lay
  • cost-effective
  • wide range of application
  • wide range of design possibilities