Diverse Stiegenausführungen

Freitragende Eichenstufen mit Glasgeländer

Elegante Verarbeitung freitragender Stufen aus Eichenholz massiv.

Das fixierte Glasgeländer rundet den schönen Anblick ab.

Marokkanergasse Wien - Parkettboden und Malerarbeiten

Ein stilvoller Mix einer Altbauwohnung in der Marokkanergasse in Wien.

Der neue Anstrich gibt der Wohnung einen exklusiven Touch und der in fischgrät verlegte Parkettboden durch SELBERHERR verleiht ein stimmiges Gesamtbild.

Porzellangasse Vienna – wooden floor, newel staircase

Oak tree parquet and a space-saving newel staircase with a simple railing in an intended plain appearance give the room its individual and natural flair.

Selberherr’s high-quality manufacturing is the basis for the right aspect for the viewer.

Münchendorf – Parquet, painting work and staircase

Feathery-elegant white combined with natural brown causes this ensemble’s adorable appearance.

SELBERHERR built the stairs, laid the parquet and gave it all a great finish with painting the walls.

Weiden am See – Parquet, staircase, interior design

Designing and building a turned cheek staircase with especially detailed railing.

The oak tree parquet laid in the whole building gives a solid, earthed appearance. In combination with our partner’s ANREI furnitures and the artistic accessories it looks slight and shining. A good example for the natural wooden tone‘s harmonic adaptability.

Beside the staircase and the floors SELBERHERR was also responsible for the interior design.

Neusiedl am See – Parquet, staircase

A breathtaking and modern appearance is the result of a combination of a cantilever arm staircase and a glass wall. The apparently floating stairs are an exquisite design adventure in association with ease and openness and support the building’s architecture.

Beside the staircase we were also responsible for laying a classic oak tree parquet.

Münchendorf – terrace

We could prove our SELBERHERR competence in the outdoor area of this building. Designing and building this terrace and outdoor installation of this beautiful family home in Münchendorf.

Himberg – Staircase

The glazed cheek staircase with podium was built by SELBERHERR.

The staircase’s and railing’s simple and plain shapes grant a special and individual flair in combination with the special tone of colour.

Himberg – Stair panel and railing

High-contrast elegance paired with modern shaping are combined in this stair panel, that was installed by SELBERHERR in Himberg.

Götzendorf – Railing on marble

This shapely beautiful railing was directly combined with the existing marble stairs. A result showing that SELBERHERR can also do an accent based on existing interior conditions.

Lange Gasse Vienna – Turned cheek staircase in nutwood

This is a real paradigm of SELBERHERR’s art of building turned cheek staircases.

Completely built with nutwood the ease of the open architecture contrasts with the dark wood’s strong and dominant presence. The modern glass railing supports this appearance additionally.

Am Graben Vienna – Staircase and Parquet

Completely cased stairs always show a special effect. A good example is this solution, SELBERHERR installed in Vienna.

The cheek staircase in the upper floor and the floors in the same type of wood complete this harmonious overall impression.