Standard and regionalism. We put emphasis on high ethic environmental and quality standards according to European criteria in choosing our partners and materials. Short routes of transportation and regional added value are SELBERHERR’s concern.

Sustainability and environmental standards. Wood for processing is basically sourced in Western Europe and is therefore from certified, sustained forestry. SELBERHERR buys carpets in Belgium.

Team building and employee training. SELBERHERR sets value on a positive business culture. We foster that by our own employee training. Also apprentices are trained regularly.

Extensive supply and efficient handling. SELBERHERR offers everything for an optimal interior design from one hand, which means optimal coordination and simple handling for our customers.

Flexibility with an extensive network of specialists. SELBERHERR is flexible – in our extensive network we can practically cover every desire and find the suitable specialist for every demand.

Certified quality from the expert’s hand. SELBERHERR feels bound to highest quality – the project’s last inspection is carried out by the boss himself.