Spiral staircases are similarly steeped in tradition like cheek staircases. They have also been high art of staircase construction for hundreds of years.

With this type of construction, we distinguish between spiral staircase, that are spiraled with a newel in the middle and very space-saving, and winding staircases with one or two cheeks.

Every spiral staircase is automatically seen as a sculpture. It therefore makes an impact on the character of your living-, office- or business area.
Manual know-how and experience in workmanship grant precise and long-life beauty.

Please take a view at an example of a SELBERHERR-spiral staircase in our new quotation-service!

in one view

  • classic staircase construction
  • design with a newel, one or two cheeks
  • especially as spiral staircase very space-saving
  • feasible in many different materials
  • magnificent attention-getter due to its attractive design